Writen by Mitch Grice

NBA 2K is widely regarded as the most popular basketball simulation out there in today’s market, from the on-court beauty, gameplay and cutscenes to the multiple game modes at your disposal, there is plenty to take in whilst playing this version.

The first thing that I notice in 2k’s games is the visual aesthetics which never fail to impress me because you almost feel like it’s the real thing just like watching it on the television, for the most part, it feels this way but on some occasions you can have the typical “wtf” moment when a player is inside another player etc, I feel like they should’ve sorted this out by now. The one added plus to discuss is the three-way panel of Ernie Johnson, Shaquille O’Neal and Kenny Smith, I feel like it brings another dimension to playing my career as it gives updates on players and talks about hot topics and whatnot throughout your playtime so you don’t get bored with the repetitiveness just like most other sports related games

.Another thing to add is the immersive storyline or lack of it in certain parts, by that I mean the story needs more of your player conversing with his agent and best friend and less of boring, irrelevant cutscenes which make you think “Why did I have to sit through this”. Finally the last point, but most upsetting one is the fact that You are told to “trust the process” but unfortunately the process of making your player a 99 overall one is almost impossible without buying VC to upgrade stats quickly in order to gain momentum and create the ultimate baller, and another thing is the amount shoes and tattoos etc cost. Everything comes at a cost when you’re player MY Career.


The new roaming around feature that they added this year is a nice touch with the player being able to traverse a few streets which have other players in the same space with you making it look like a public place (similar to My Park) which have shops like footlocker and the NBA store at your disposal.My first assessment of this was that it looked well made and it was a great idea, but as I looked at it more closely, the cracks began to appear. Not only is the open world like feature very bland and bare it’s placing of certain shops and events is a little off as I believe and the not so important things should be further away and you should have the most important things as close to you as possible.This was supposed to cut down your loading time when entering different places but I feel like this prolongs the loading times, for example: going into the training facility and coming back out can take some time, but you are able to use some sort of transport like bikes and skateboards for personal use.


One thing that I always enjoy playing and will continue to do so is “My Team” which is a constant feature on these titles, with multiple game modes within, and my personal favourite “Domination” has made its way onto the game also.It gives you a sense of pride when you complete Domination and collect your rewards for beating current NBA teams and also the historic ones as well. There is also the same feeling once you get yourself to the top of rankings whilst playing other people from all over the world. Grinding your way up and improving your team as you go is always a good feeling to have after you’re done battling through each game mode. There is also Three v Threes and other modes to get your mind of the typical 5 a side games which is all too common of course but it gives it more variety for the player to be able to choose out of all these options within, and prolongs the play time you can get out of one seating.


All in all NBA 2K18 is a fun and immersive game that lets you grind and feel the satisfaction of getting to overall 99 which is a new thing for 2K18 called “Road to 99”
Nothing new just basically saying what has already been said ( we all want to reach the highest level possible)
The biggest downfall for this particular game is the “grind” can be way too long and it’s almost inevitable that you will buy VC with your credit card to boost up your player’s stats and be able to afford all those tattoos and shoes you’ll be collecting at the same time.

8/10 – Reviewed on PS4


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