Academia.Games is an open source resource for learning about game design and development. We have core staff writing game reviews and all other content is sourced from industry professionals and curated by the admins.

The intention of Academia.Games is to provide a reputable source of information regarding the games industry. There is a disconnect between the quickly developing industry and the slower nature of academic publishing and we intend to bridge that gap.


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About our reviews.

Our reviews are conducted by staff with formal qualifications in games development or related media. This separates our team from the majority of for-profit games media outlets.

Our review staff are:

Editor – Matthew Ballinger

Review Staff – Mitch Grice, Billy Boustani, Kyla Ballinger.

On review scores.

The topic of review scores and their validity have been debated for years within the industry and while we do use a numbered system it is more for the sake of aggregation. Although individual reviewers assign the score, Academia.Games stand by them and all scores are final at the time of publishing.